Thursday, October 11, 2007

More Tumblers

More Tumblers, or flat-bottomed cups without handles or feet.

I really like this glaze. The base glaze is BSU Temmoku. Once that is applied I drip hot wax over the cups (A technique called wax resist). Then I apply a coat of Oxblood glaze over the Temmoku. The Oxblood glaze runs off the wax revealing the base glaze.

The interior is glazed with Mamo White.

Anyway, I like this combination of glazes because it reminds me of tiger stripes. This combination of glazes can also produce two entirely different results. I have found that if I load the kiln with lots and lots of Oxblood glazed pieces, the Oxblood will produce brilliant deep reds when heavily reduced. But if I only have a few Oxblood glazed pieces in the kiln, I end up with the glaze you see here.