Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Next plate--M.C. Escher

This M.C. Escher Fish Tessellation is my my next plate in my famous artwork plate series. I've been wondering how the hell I'm going to tackle this for the past few days and I think I have come up with a plan.
First step is already accomplished. I have applied 3 coats of white majolica glaze, as a base, to a bisque-fired plate.
I think the next step will be to draw just the outlines of each fish on the plate, with no inner details.
Step Three:  I'm going to paint all the black fish as silhouettes and then gently scratch through the black glaze to reveal white lines of the base glaze.
I think the next step will be the bitch for me, and my painting abilities, but  I'm going to attempt to paint the black-lined details on the white fish with a really fine brush. No doubt I'll probably have to have a few beers in me to give me patience and steadiness of hand. Haven't even thought about the exterior black lines yet but if I get that far, the lines should be a piece of cake.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Matisse Plate

Spent most the day yesterday painting this plate. This is my third plate to date. Plan on making a set of 12 total for an exhibit. It is going much slower than I thought it would. I'm blaming that on my paying job.
Only thing left to do on this plate is to paint black outlines and some body details on the figures.
The next plate is going to be a real challenge. It is an Escher and I'm still trying to figure out how I'm going to do it. I guess I'll just start painting.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


My friends at the Stockyard recently purchased this beerador from a restaurant going out of business in Coon Valley, WI. I know it has nothing to do with pottery but I think it is a work of art. 
This beerador is circa 1939. Made by the Jewett Refrigeration Company in Buffalo, NY. The Old Style beer label was painted on the beerador probably by some local artist in La Crosse, WI, one time home of G. Heilman Brewery. The hand-painted images come from the original Old Style beer labels which reflect scenes of Heilman's hometown on the northwestern edge of the Swabian Jura, in Germany, a steep escarpment called the Albtrauf.
I've spent a lot of hours researching beeradoors and have only come across about a dozen photos of these units in working condition. Out of the dozen, four of them are in the La Crosse area. I'm sure there must be more out there but have only seen about a dozen with my own eyes.
If you have seen a beerador or know any more information about their history, please make a comment.

Do you recognize this signature?

My Aunt purchased a vase from a second-hand store in Minnesota and would like to find out  the potter's name. Any help would be appreciated.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Lichtenstein Plate

Spent Monday morning painting this Lichtenstein plate. I am really happy with the results. Amaco Majolica glazes and fired to cone 04.
I think my next plate will be either Franz Marc's "Blue Horse" or Edvard  Munch's "The Scream." Going to have to do some drawings and pick and choose.

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Picasso Plate

A famous and well know drawing by Picasso. I've actually seen this drawing many, many times over the years but I recently found this carved image on a piece of pottery made by Picasso himself.
While searching the internet for images of Picasso pottery I found this image carved into a rectangular yellow plate. Thought it would look good hanging on my wall so I gave it a try. It is not hanging on my wall yet but I really like it.
In the past I have called this clay body "white earthen ware" but it really isn't an earthenware body. It is made by Continental Clay and is called "Raku-Wet" and has a firing range from cone 06 to cone 10. I glazed this plate with Amaco Majolica glazes and fired it to cone 04.
I liked the results of this plate so much that I decided to try a series of plates with images of some of my favorite artists of the 20th Century.
I'm currently glazing a Lichtenstein painting on a plate using the Amaco majolica glazes. Stay tuned for the finished results.

Mother and Baby Sculpture

Finished product. White earthenware clay. Amaco Bluebell Opalescent glaze. Fired to cone 05.