Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Slide Shows

Maybe I haven't been posting as often on this site is because I am also blogging at work (my paying job) for a site called Coulee Region Art. I have posted two slide shows that I'd like people to check out. One is a mini slide show of some of my work and another is a slide show of some of the local area artists that I have been spotlighting in the blog.

Also, here are a couple more Raku Glaze Recipes.

Shroom Brown Raku Glaze Recipe.
Frit 85
Ball Clay 7.5
Calcium Carbonate 7.5
Add: Copper Oxide 1.50%
Add: Tin Oxide 5%

Tomato Red Raku Glaze Recipe.
Borax 50
Gerstley Borate 50
Copper Carbonate 20
Red Iron Oxide 5

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Raku Glaze Recipes

I know I haven't posted anything lately. Actually I haven't been doing anything in the studio to talk about. Weather has been a burden on everything and my truck has been giving me headaches for the past two weeks. Worked on that all weekend and it is still running like crap. Might be time for some professionals pretty quick. Anyway, since I have nothing else to post I thought I'd continue with my Raku Glaze Recipes, but before I do I'd like to say thanks to Linda Star, Anna, and Ang. It is always nice to read comments that they post on my blog site. I appreciate it. Thanks.

Black Raku Glaze Recipe.
Gerstley Borate 80
Cornwall Stone 20
Copper Oxide 4
Cobalt Oxide 3
Iron Oxide 4

Black Magic Raku Glaze.
Colemanite 80
Custer feldspar 20
Copper Carbonate 10
Red Iron Oxide 5
Cobalt Carb. 1