Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pigeon Feathers

I've seen feathers burned onto pots just like horse hair and thought I'd give it a try myself. This was just a test so I grabbed a small pot of the bisque shelf and gave it a try.
I used pigeon feathers because that is what I had. While taking a smoke break at work I noticed a bunch of feathers in the parking lot so I snatched them up and took them home to burn.
This is a white raku clay body that was not burnished. I'd say my test was successful so I guess I'll start collecting feathers.

Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Terra Cotta Wine Chiller

A simple but elegant terra cotta wine chiller. This is not a cooler that you put a bottle in and pack with ice. This type of chiller is soaked in water for 10-15 minutes, drained, and placed in the refrigerator for one hour prior to use.
Just a simple pattern that I impressed using the pointy end of a can opener. The patterned part of the chiller was highlighted with a red iron wash which I applied with a brush and then wiped off with a damp sponge.
I made a saucer for the chiller and glazed the inside with a clear glaze just to protect polished table surfaces from condensation just in case the pot ever does sweat.

Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Horse Hair Vase

This is my latest horse hair pot. I think it is an awesome burn. This vase was hand burnished with a metal spoon when it was leather hard. Burnishing with the spoon produces a great pot but it is very time consuming. I bet I have two hours into this 10-inch tall vase.