Monday, October 22, 2007

Raku Burner System

New and improved Raku Burner System.

This was the base of one of those deep-fried oil turkey cookers. The legs were unscrewed from the top ring and the ring was lowered about four inches. I used vise-grips to clamp the legs back in place and then drilled new holes into the shorter legs. I used the original screws to secure the legs back onto the top ring. Next I bent down the legs to serve as supports for the kiln.

The burner came from my old kiln. The only difference is that a 90 degree brass elbow was screwed onto the burner to create an updraft burner.

The turkey burner was removed from the unit and 3 inches were cut out from the mounting cross member. The burner was then slid right into place.

Next step is to line another garbage can with some fiber.