Friday, October 26, 2007

Barrel Fired Vase

Another Saturday and not enough time in the day to get all the things done that I'd like to. Oh, I should mention that I posted the photo of the vase yesterday but didn't have time to write anything. Anyway.....

First thing is to make clay. I need some clay for throwing and I need a batch of heavily grogged clay for my barrel and raku firing.

Speaking of witch (it is Halloween, kinda), I need to start working on my new raku kiln. The burner system was finished last weekend and a photo posted last week. Today I need to line a garbage can with fiber. I also need to make some ceramic buttons to hold the fiber in place.

If that isn't enough for the day, I need to throw some more pots. And, before I forget.....
This is a vase from my last barrel firing. It's about 8-9 inches tall. I like it. Pretty much the whole vase is this marble peachy rosey marble color, except for the black spot in the front. That was where I laid the piece down in the sawdust.

I haven't heard anything about how well the Empty Bowls Project did in Viroqua. I only stopped for about an hour. Lots and Lots of bowls and a good crowd of people. As soon as I get word about the final results of the event I'll get them posted. Enough for now, time to get muddy.