Thursday, October 18, 2007

Empty Bowl Project Viroqua, WI

Saturday Oct. 20th from 4-9 pm the Viroqua Empty Bowls Project will be serving Soup and Bread to combat world hunger and poverty, and to teach about the connection art has in society.

Local area potters have made the bowls and donated them to the project. Participants in the event are asked to make a minimum donation of 20 dollars. When the meal is done, you get to keep the bowl. The diners can also choose where they would like their donations to go: local food pantries, international hunger relief, or the Empty Bowls Project.

Here are some of the bowls I am donating. The front left and right bowls are glazed with BSU Temmoku and the rims were dipped in Mamo White. The texture comes from porcelain slip which is brushed on the bowl when the bowl is still wet and on the potter's wheel.

The other bowls I used a combination of BSU Temmoku, Wax Resist, and Oxblood. The kiln was not heavily reduced but flashes of red mark each of these bowls.