Thursday, September 27, 2007

Stoneware Tumblers

I haven't done much highfire stoneware in a while. These tumblers were thrown on the wheel, glazed with "Mammo White" on the inside and Temmoku on the outside. The little unglazed patches at the bottoms are my fingerprints.

When I glaze coffee mugs, tumblers, or other small forms, I pick up the piece (from the bottom) with my thumb and two fingers, and dunk it into the glaze bucket. The end result is that there is no glaze where I grasped the tumbler.

These were given to my friends Alex and Lyn Zee for helping me with my glaze data bases. Lynn Zee created PDF files for me and her husband Alex burned the data on to disks and printed nice photosof me on them as well.