Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Nude III

This is my latest sculpture, Nude III. Porcelain clay body, leather-hard state, approximately 8 inches tall.

My original plans for this sculpture was to have smooth curving lines throughout the form but as I was "getting into" the piece I realized that I loved the hard angular cubist form that was slowly developing. I kept the round curved line of the belly and decided to create hard angular lines for the rest of the form. I think its awsome and am going to try another similar sculpture but make it much larger.

Not sure how I'm going to fire this piece yet but will post a photo when it is finally completed.


Linda Starr said...

It's great seeing your progression.

Patricia Griffin said...

I love the cubist look to this! Is this a solid form?

Jeffrey R. Guin said...

Yes Patricia. This is a solid form, but it is small so it should make it through my firings.