Friday, November 14, 2008

Greenfield Village Kiln

Is this cool or what? Thanks to Kerri for thinking of me and taking this pic when she was visiting Greenfield Village in Detroit, MI. I think this twisting chimney is a work of art in itself. Man! I'd love to have a chimney like this when I build my kiln. I don't know much more than it was built in 2004. I "googled" it and found some more photos, not nearly as nice as this one, but thats about all.
I'm still sculpting. I finished Nude III yesterday, started another, and will get two more going this weekend.
I've neglected posting raku recipes. I know that there are some people looking at the recipes. I'm really just documenting them for myself but I love sharing so here are a couple more.
Deep Blue Ash Raku Glaze Recipe
Gerstley Borate 40%
Nepheline Syenite 10%
Wood Ash 50%
Add: Cobalt Carbonate 1.5%
Flaming Moondrops Raku Glaze Recipe
Lithium Carbonate 20
Magnesium Carbonate 40
Gerstley Borate 70
Chrome Oxide 0.3

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