Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Small Wood Fired Kiln

Yes, from this small pile of bricks I'm building a small wood-fired kiln. In this pile is approximately 50 hard fire brick, 75 red common brick, and some pavers and some other crappy brick I can't use.

I am still short of materials though. I need 8 cinderblock, which I am going to use as a base to build the kiln on. Bringing the kiln up off the ground makes stoking the kiln easier on the back and knees. Also I've been told that the kiln will heat up faster, as the ground won't be sucking up all the heat.

I also need some sort of smoke stack which I am going to use as a chimney. I am thinking about a 4-foot section of cast iron pipe which will be inserted into a square sleeve of red common brick. It would also be nice to buy about 20 more hard fire brick. I can buy them locally for $1.39 per brick.

Other materials I have on hand that I'll be using are 10 insulated soft brick, some kiln shelves for the top of the kiln, and some kaowool fiber.

I'm building this in back of my studio on a concrete slab. The area is covered with a coregated tin roof. The 6-inch layer of mud and sand is a gift from the flood which I haven't yet shoveled and hauled away yet.

Stay tuned for pictures of the evolving kiln.