Friday, July 11, 2008

Kiln Diagram

I'm pretty excited about this new kiln building experiment. My original Raku Wood Burning Kiln, based on Nesrin Durin's design, was loosely assembled (and I mean LOOSELY). I'm going to tighten everything up and change it into a downdraft kiln consisting of four main components--the firebox, the stack area, the damper, and the chimney.

If all goes according to plan here is how it is going to work. Wood is stoked into the firebox through the stoke hole and placed on a grate to burn. The flame and heat will naturally rise and circulate throughout the interior of the kiln. The construction of this type of kiln will force the flame back downward to be exhausted at the bottom of the kiln and up through chimney, which in my case is a piece of stove pipe about 4-5 feet tall. A mix of firebrick and red common brick will be used to construct the main part of the kiln.

I'm going to load my pots from the top opening of the kiln onto the kiln shelf, and then use kiln shelves to seal up the top. I'm also going to use a piece of kiln shelf, as a makeshift door, to seal up the stoke hole when I'm not adding fuel to the fire.

I haven't thought about peek holes yet, and pyrometers cost money. So.... I'll just wait and see how things go.