Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Alkaline Blue Raku Glaze Recipe

Not much time to blog. Gotta keep it quick. Thought I'd post another Raku Glaze recipe. I didn't get my kiln built this weekend, but I did find my raku burner in the mud. Cleaned it all up, sprayed it with some WD-40 and it worked just fine. Also got a couple new books for my birthday, coming up on Friday. One is "The Pottery of Picasso." The other is "Wood-Fired Ceramics." Both look great. More on them to follow. Gotta' run.

Alkaline Blue Raku Glaze

Frit 3110 70
Gerstley Borate 5
Flint 10
Soda Ash 10
Copper Carbonate 3