Tuesday, July 22, 2014

New Set of Tumblers

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Not the best of photos but these are some of my latest tumblers I'm working on.
Was reading some jokes in Playboy magazine and was inspired to put my version of LeRoy Neiman's "Femlins" on some cups.
I used a white clay body that has a firing range of cone 06 to cone 10 made by Continental Clay. I used black underglaze to paint the  femlins. It took me all day yesterday to paint the tumblers and this is as far as I've gotten. Will have to start on the final details today.
I think once the femlins are finished I am going to pick a solid bright colored glaze for the interior and a clear glaze on the outside. I'm hoping this clay body fires to a bright white. We'll see.

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