Friday, April 04, 2014

Escher Plate

This plate is taking much longer than I had anticipated, and certainly been testing my patience. I'm still following my plans that I listed in my previous post.
I did paint the black fish first. That made it easier to fill in the white fish but it was a dizzying experience and sometimes very confusing. Don't know how Escher was able to do it.
I have just begun carving the details into the black fish. If you look at the black fish in the upper right of the plate you can see the white lines in the fin.
One deviation from my original plan was that after applying the base coat of white majolica, I fired the plate to approximately 1500 degrees to harden the glaze. I did this to make sure that when I was carving the details on the black fish I didn't carve through the white glaze. Seemed to work well.
Once I finish my carving I will paint the black lines on the perimeter of the plate to complete the tessellation. Should be fired this weekend along with my Matisse plate. Stay tuned for the final results.

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