Friday, August 05, 2011

The Tough Part

This was the tough part and when I really thought we might loose the kiln. I really thought it would roll right off the skid steer. Although it might look like the skid steer has this kiln off the ground a good deal, it isn't. The damn thing was too heavy. Instead of just forking and driving the kiln up the hill we lifted the kiln up a couple of inched and slid boards under the metal base of the kiln and then pushed it up the hill. Slow going but it worked like a charm.

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Anonymous said...

hey there again, i just commented on a posting you had about that old tabletop wheel- I dont know if it went through or not-- then on further reading I noticed not only do you live near me- I'm in Holmen...but we fell in love with clay at the same place!!-- I was at Bemidji from 91 to 93 so we probably crossed paths!!