Friday, April 24, 2009

Hand Carved Chawan

I started carving this chawan last weekend and just finished up yesterday. I probably have about eight hours into the bowl but I think it is the best tea bowl I have made to date. I definately have a lot of heart and soul into this chawan and can't wait to fire it. There is just something about it. First of all it looks good and when you hold it in your hands it feels good. I'll end up raku-firing this but I don't know what type of glaze I am going to use. And speaking of firing, I'm going to have to wood-fire this. Something about this bowl just says "wood-fire me."


Linda Starr said...

Hi Jeff, you chawan is really beautiful and so smooth. I am learning a lot about chawan from your posts. I can't wait to see it fired. Do you start out throwing the chawan or do you carve the whole piece from a lump of clay?

Love your birdfeeder below too.

Jeffrey R. Guin said...

I carve the whole the piece from a 3-1/2 pound round of clay. I'll be posting two more photos this week of the round of clay and one of the carving process. I tried to post them yesterday but blogger hasn't published them yet. I'll try agian tomorrow.