Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Finished Raku Kiln

The finished product.

I really like this style of a kiln mainly because of its portability. It is very light weight and remarkably durable. I once even transported this kiln, the small propane tank and burner, and all the rest of the materials to a friends' house for a raku party in the back of a 4-door Oldsmobile.

This is a large garbage can but a smaller can would probably be more than adaquate for most people or for beginning raku fanatics.


Anonymous said...

cool... what's it costing you total for this kiln?

Jeffrey R. Guin said...

The only thing I purchashed for this kiln was the fiber, bought on E-Bay for 120 dollars. I had all the other materials on hand. I have enough fiber left over to make another kiln. The can costs approx 15 dollars new, the high temp wire about 5. Sodium silicate is not neccessary.
Jeff G.

Jerry said...

I had a trashcan kiln years ago, but the years were not kind to it. If I remember correctly, there was no large hole in the lid. Is that just for venting?

Jeffrey R. Guin said...

The hole in the top of the lid is the exit flue. I would bet that if properly taken care of, not leaving the kiln in the elements, these garbage can kilns will last for quite a few years.
Jeff G.

Jerry said...

Thanks for the info. Mine was stored in an unsecured garage and became a squirrel/raccoon/rodent condo. Not the best for the life of the kiln.

ang said...

nice one.. very similar to our little wood fired raku kiln construction, i'm sure anna will be trying out hers soon,
...cheers ang