Friday, January 16, 2009

Raku Tea Bowl

Nothing fancy about this teabowl. Thrown on the wheel, faceted, and hand-carved foot, but it sure feels good in the hands. I think the simplicity and plainess of this bowl makes it extra special. The glaze is Soldner's Clear Crackle-- 80% Gerstley Borate and 20% Nepheline Syenite. This one is also going to my mother.
I'm finally starting to get responses from local area artists in regards to my other blog site "Coulee Region Art." Each week I would like to highlight about ten local artists and create a permanent link to their web site. In addition to that I have created a slide show in which each artist is represented. The slide show links have been a huge success and have generated a lot of page views. The slide show of the anagama firing genereated almost 1,000 page views in just 4 days.
Not much else going on. I haven't made anything lately and have only been to the studio a couple times in the past two weeks. The MidWest has been hammered with lots of snow and seriously cold weather, minus 20 degrees the past two days. Warmer temps are on the way so hopefully I'll be able to get some work done in the studio.


Linda Starr said...

Hi Jeff, I was thinking about tea bowls lately and then I saw your post. Both of your tea bowls are lovely. What a great turquoise glaze below. I'll be checking your other website too, what a great idea featuring other artists in the region.

Canadian Tourism said...

Canadian Tourism has a really great video intro to Raku Firing up on their YouTube site. Thought some of your readers might find it interesting.