Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Incense Bottle No. 2

Another barrel fired incense bottle. This one was burnished with crisco cooking oil and a metal spoon. Originally this bottle was about 18 inches tall. The neck was very thin and tall but I broke the rim when I was burnishing it. I decided not to to throw it out, cut the neck down and fired it anyway. When someone asked me if I had another incense bottle I said "yes I do. What do you think about this one?" Alas, the incense bottle is gone.

Thank goodness the weather is getting better. This week the temperatures could reach 20 degrees, and the sun was out yesterday. Hoping to get into the studio this weekend and do some work.

I've been posting some slide shows on the blog that I write for work, Coulee Region Art. Last Friday I started a weekly post called "Spotlight." It has become a big hit, literally, receiving lots of hits. Anyway, each Friday I am spolighting local area artists, briefly introducing them with a mini bio and then posting a photo of their work into a permanent slide show. I have also created permanent links to the artists individual web sites. There seems to be lots of interest as I am receiving referals and requests on a daily basis via email. The whole thing is actually very exciting as I am getting to meet several artists and getting to look at a lot of art. Anyway, check out "Spotlight."


Linda Starr said...

What beautiful colors on your incense bottle.

dw said...

jeff, I've been meaning to ask you, when you barrel fire do you cover the barrel at any point? or leave it uncovered the entire time? I'm trying to get more color in my pots and am not sure if it's a heat issue, an air issue, or what. thanks. dw