Thursday, April 03, 2008

Temmoku Glazed Coffee Mug

I really liked the textured pattern on this mug and the Temmoku glaze really brought out the band of stamped impressions.

The impressions were created using a square leather tool stamp before the handle was added.

Stonware, cone 10 reduction fired.

The interior of the mug was glazed with Viterbo Chun.

BSU Temmoku Glaze Recipe
Potash Spar 3368gr, Flint 2176gr, EPK 800gr, Whiting 1400gr, Red Iron Oxide 1000gr.

Viterbo Chun Glaze Recipe
Potash Spar 42, Flint 29, Whiting 19, Talc 4, Kaolin 3, Colemanite 3. Add: Bone Ash 2 and Red Iron Oxide 1.