Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Carbon Trap Coffee Mug

Its a good thing I took photos of my last batch of coffee mugs. I made about 30 and they're all gone. This was one of my favorites. I just like the earthiness of the glaze, it was a good size (10-oz.), and it just felt really good in the hands.

This mug was glazed with a base coat of Carbon Trap and then the Rim was dipped in BSU Gloss Turquoise. This kiln was not heavily reduced. Had it been, the carbon trap would have trapped jet black carbon into the glaze.

Carbon Trap Glaze Recipe, cone 10 reduction

SodaSpar 30%, Neph. Sy. 30%, Spodumene 30%, EPK 10%, Add: Soda Ash 5%

BSU (Bemidji State University) Gloss Turquoise, cone 10 reduction

Custer Spar. 5570gr, Whiting 1000gr, EPK 300gr, Barium Carb. 480gr, Zinc Ox, 200gr, Flint 750gr, Cobalt Carb 40gr, Chrome Ox 80gr.