Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Raku Teabowl

This teabowl has beautiful copper red flashings all around the outside of the bowl. The inside was glazed with a Clear Crackle Glaze. The outside was first glazed with the Clear Crackle and then glazed again with a Turquoise Crackle.

I think the clear glaze I use is Called Soldner's Clear Crackle. 80% Gerstley Borate, 20% Neph. Sy.

For the Turquoise Crackle glaze I just added 10% Zircopax and 2% Copper Carbonate to the Soldner's Clear.

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Diary of a Potter said...

This are so good looking. I love the turquoise one.
I have tried the Fergeson recipe so many time and I always get something diffrent.
I have not done raku much lately.
I am working on some new recipes for some sculptures that I made.
I guess i am just going to diffrent diraction again.