Sunday, March 12, 2006

Raku Tea Bowl

Turquoise Raku.
After about a dozen firings I am finally learning how to fire my new kiln and am very happy with the results I am getting. This turquoise glaze has become one of my favorites because it can produce a lot of different colors, depending on how the kiln is fired. Under normal firing conditions this glaze will always come out a blue turquoise. When the kiln is heavily reduced near the end of the firing the glaze will yield a crackled turquoise with multicolored metalic flashes. When the kiln is fired in heavy reduction throughout the firing process the glaze will be a shiny metalic copper, so shiny you can see your reflection in the glaze. I have also had this same glaze turn out the most beautiful oxblood red I have ever seen. Although, I have only been able to get that red once. But, I'm still trying.


Anonymous said...

hell yeah, thats an authentic looking piece. nice work!~

Anonymous said...

very nice bowl.