Sunday, February 26, 2006

Raku Burner System

It doesn't look like much, but this is my Raku Burner system. It is called a "Big Bertha," model #166. It is made by L.B. White Co. Inc. in Onalaska, WI. Cost is approximately 80 dollars new. I borrowed this one from a friend of mine, but a good source for burners is eBay, under "weed burners." Real Cheap on eBay.
The burner consists of a torch head, an orifice, a handle or shaft, a manual valve, a hose and a regulator.
Thanks to LB White for the specifications and part numbers.

Model: 166 (Big Bertha)
Heat Output: 500,000 BTUH
Operating Fuel Pressure: 25PSIG
Hose: 550-20703 1/4 inch OD x 10 feet
Regulator: 550-21788 25PSI
Operating Pressure/Fuel 25 PSIG LP Vapor

Many thanks to Frank Colson who informed me that building a kiln without a burner system really is "Kiln Building For Dummies."


Nicola cycles said...

I built a burner for a future raku kiln roughly 3 by 3 by 3 from wire mesh and 2 inches of fiber blanket with ceramic buttons. my burner puts out something like 2,400,000 btu/hr.@ 10psi...... I think i overdid it. can i construct a firebox that can dissipate this kind of heat effectively to not explode my pots or should i use a smaller burner?

Nicola cycles said...

sorry i miscalculated my burner is only 94,666 @ 10 psi. My bad.....excellent blog by the way.