Friday, August 12, 2005

Teapot Flotilla Newest Arrival

The newest addition to jeff's Teapot Flotilla has arrived at homeport.
The 12-inch, 4-1/2 cup capacity teapot was christened "P-Tea-109" on August 11, 2005
Although "P-Tea-109" has officially entered Tea Service, the boat will be making a short return trip to Saggar Fired Boatworks for a minor glaze treatment tuneup.
This tune up is purely cosmetic and will by no means affect any of its formal functions or operations once it returns to the teapot fleet.
The addition of "P-Tea-109" brings the total number of the flotilla to three strong. "Tea-4-2005," a luxury cruise ship whose inspiration came from the "QE2" is expected to join the fleet in the next two weeks.

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