Saturday, July 30, 2005


This teapot is actually still a work in progress. I am extremely happy with the boat itself but have decided to experiment with the glaze treatment.
The Tug was painted with teal blue and white underglazes and fired to cone 05. After the boat was fired I used yellow nylon fiber twine to attach the tires and wrap the posts.
Although many people have made favorable comments about the teapot, I feel that the boat seems too "toy-like," and therefor needs a slight make-over to change the appearance.
The make-over, or experiment, will be to apply a copper carbonate solution, with a sponge, to the hull of the boat. Then I will re-fire the piece inside a sager (a little enclosed box made of fire bricks) with some pine cones around the base of the boat.
If all goes well the copper carbonate solution will make the hull look rusty and weathered. The areas where the pine cones touch the boat I hope will pit the surface of the underglaze and the smoke from the burning pine cones should further enhance the old weather beaten look of the hull.
As I said, Tug-N-Tea is still a work in progress. If my experiment is a failure I can always just repaint the boat with Teal and White underglazes.

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