Saturday, December 12, 2015

Femlin Beer Mug

 Part of my "Femlin" beer mug series.  Throwing the mug is easy and fast enough to accomplish but the glazing is a bit time consuming.
I used a white earthenware clay body for the mug, pulled the handle on the form and bisque fired it to cone 05.
Next step was to apply a base coat of white majolica glaze to interior and exterior of the mug. Once that was dry I penciled the femlin on the form and painted the hair and clothing. A layer of liquid latex was applied and I carved through that for the fine lines. Next I painted a black gloss glaze into the lines, and painted the exterior of the form with the same glaze. The interior is the white majolica base glaze.
Glaze fired to cone 04.

Merry Christmas Bro.

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