Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Femlins Update

I finally painted the red lips on the Femlin tumblers. It took a hell of a lot longer than I originally thought it would. With a pencil I drew the lips on all the tumblers. then I grabbed some red glaze and thought I could use a wooden toothpick to apply the glaze to the very small lips I had drawn. Right away I realized this wasn't going to work. It worked great for Lichtenstein plate I made.
I ended up using the finest brush I had and painted wax resist around the exterior lines of lips. Then, using the same brush I applied the red glaze. This worked well and went real fast but since I used the wax resist it required me to fire the tumblers one more time to get rid of the wax so I apply a clear glaze to the exteriors. This was the third firing. Now I just need to apply the clear glaze and fire one last time to cone 04.

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