Friday, August 30, 2013

Kiln Gods

Been firing up my little kiln quite frequently lately. Each time I fire it I always create a little kiln god to watch over the firing. Here are a few of my latest.
I'm really not sure of the history of kiln gods but from my understanding they originated in ancient times when pottery first came about.
Kiln gods that I have made in the past usually were left to dry on top of the kiln while it was firing and then tossed into the reclaim bucket when the firing was complete. But lately I have been saving them, bisque firing them in my next firing, and painting them with underglazes and glazes them to give them more life.
I don't think kiln gods are based on religious beliefs. Mine are not. They are just a fun little project to make and kind of like a good luck charm, something like a rabbit's foot or a four leaf clover.

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