Tuesday, October 30, 2012

I need dishes

When I moved into my new place I didn't have any dishes, not a one. Can't imagine that I've made hundreds of bowls, plates, mugs etc... over the past 20 years and I have no dinnerware.
This is a good start. The small salad plates are 9-inches in diameter. The bowls are 6-inch diameter and I threw 8 tumblers.
I used a white low-fire clay body from Continetal Clay and glazed them with commercial majolica glazes made by Amaco.
From left to right: Royal Blue and Violet, Royal blue and Orange, Royal Blue and Yellow, and finally Royal Blue and Rose.
I still plan on making some larger plates, some coffee mugs, and a couple of platters. I dont have a kitchen strainer for pastsa.....I might try making one of those too.

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Lori Watts said...

Things like this (on a smaller scale) are always happening to me! Why is it that I have no lemonade pitcher? Because when I make a lemonade pitcher I'd rather have the 60 bucks. I have to wait for one to come out of the firing flawed, before i can keep it.
The cobbler's son has no shoes.