Thursday, September 06, 2012

Terra Sigilatta

Last night I decided to try my terra sigilatta and it looks fantastic. The photo does it no justice but these pots are smooth a a baby's bottom and have a fantastic shine.
I centered each pot on my potter's wheel and applied 3 thin coats of terra sig with a brush while the wheel was spinning at a slow speed.
Once the third coat was applied I waited for a few minutes and then buffed the pots with an old cotton t-shirt.
The brush application took about 5 minutes and then buffing, maybe another 5.
Next step the bisque kiln and then it is time to light up the raku kiln for some horsehair pottery.


gabi said...

Thats a nice way to get some burnished pots, maybe they will work well as naked raku?

Think i´ll have to take my terra sig out from the back of the shelf and have another go at it.

Thanks for the inspiration.

KarenG said...

Don't you love it? I'm just beginning, made my first batch(s) this past week. I'm trying to find information on coloring my Sig with Mason Stains. I've had some interesting issues come up, but as you know, this life we've chosen is all about the 'Whoops' and "Eureka' moments. LOL