Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Chawan Halved

This is the way my bowls start out. I asked my FaceBook friend Cory Lum to give me some pointers and critique my work and he gladly accepted my plea. Cory asked me to post a few photos and here they are. So, basically this is for Cory and to help him out check out his video of making and trimming a chawan as well as his etsy site.


cory said...

hey jeff, cheers
thanks !

i have a sketch book . pic here of various shaped chawan.

cory said...

jeff the halved bowl looks great.

next try cutting some finished pieces in half, after you handcarve the foot.

i'll get in the studio likely tomorrow or by sat. i'll bring my camera to snap a few shots. i'll cut some finished greenware bowls in half.