Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Old Wheel

A new addition to my studio. This is a really cool table top potter's wheel that was given to me by my friend Ryan. I think the only things missing from this wheel is the manufacturer's name plate and the motor. Can anybody out there tell me anything about this wheel. Would love to know who made it and the approximate age.

I'm thinking this is just a simple table top motorized potter's wheel but perhaps it had another function. There are 4 screw holes along the top of the rim that I have no idea what their purpose is. Kind looks like steel rods or pins can be inserted into the holes and then there is a set screw on the outside to secure the rods or pins. Anyway, any information on this wheel would be greatly appreciated.


Lee Love said...


rogier donker said...

had one of those a few years back. Gave it away. Forget the brand name, but it was popular in the sixties-that I DO remember. The holes held arm rests that could be placed in different positions. Belt driven the thing was not very powerful and I used it mainly for trimming. For that it was GOOD!
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Utterly Ardent Bibliophile said...

Hi! I came across your blog while looking for info on that very same wheel. I have two of them and would love to hook at least one of them up. Did you ever try it? Any info you might share would be great! Thank you!


jamesthegolfingguy@yahoo.com said...

it is a p&i unit made in galesburg ill. have one that needs the wheel