Friday, January 28, 2011

Tile Press

This is my latest project. I don't know what this is but my buddy Darrel thought if I cleaned it up I could use it as a press to make ceramic tiles.
Sounds good to me and by the looks of it will work quite well. I think the only thing I need to do if I want to make large tiles/slabs is to get two pieces of steel about 36 inches long and the width of this press, one for a bottom base and one for the top.
We'll find out how it works once I get it all cleaned up. Stay tuned.


Brian said...

I believe that's a book press. Used for binding/repairing books.
Should make a great tile press. Might be a little slow cranking it down and back up.
Good luck!

ang said...

nothing quite like a vintage press :))

Anonymous said...

Years ago we used a press just like this in my printing business for making tablets. One would stack up paper interspersed with pieces of cardboard, tighten the wheel down & then paint one side with a rubberized liquid; let it dry & then cut the tablets apart with a knife. Voila, tear off sheets of paper. This comment is from your mother

Gut said...

This is a headpress, most commonly seen in Three Stooges episodes to provide comic relief, usually at Curly's expense.