Friday, July 30, 2010

Mouse hole/Grate system

Yesterday I decided that the coffin kiln needed a modification. At first the fire box was just a box with a flat floor. Now it has a mouse hole and a grate system. The bricks in the grate are spaced 1-inch apart and the dimensions of the firebox will now be 29 inches long and 17-1/2 inches tall. The ware chamber is now 34 inches long and 20 inches tall. The walls are one brick thick but I'll be adding a layer of home made insulation to the exterior walls and then adding another course of brick. I hope to start mortaring it together tomorrow.

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rwhendrix said...

Hey that looks good. I built a firebox with a brick grate setup kinda like that before. It should work to bring in air and let the ash fall thru. But it can build up ash under after awhile of firing. You may want to consider raising the firebox grate higher off of the floor. That way you have a bigger ashpit to hold the ashes, Can also maintain bottom airflow to the burning wood, and you wont have to clean it out so many times during the firing. Good luck!