Friday, December 11, 2009

Korean Potter's Wheel

Well, I've finished the wood/carpentry work on my Korean potter's wheel. This is about 45 pieces of cherry wood, 5 pieces of black walnut, and 4 pieces of pine (the four supports) all glued together and sanded. I've got to say--It is really pretty--REALLY Pretty.

The hardest part was placing the four support dowels and I couldn't have done it without the help of my friend Darrel--He is the the "Wood Man," and it was his shop where I did all this work.

Anyway, this wheel, whether you call it an Onggi Style Potter's wheel, or a Korean Style Potter's wheel, is 17 inches tall. The wheel head is 18-3/4 inches in diameter and the flywheel is 19 inches in diameter.

The next step is having a machine shop weld my 1-inch cold rolled steel to a round piece of 3/8 inch steel and when that is complete I'll be making pots on this beauty.


Anonymous said...

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Relix said...

Hi Jeffrey,

I came across your blog while googling wood fired raku kilns. I'm planning on building one. When you fire your wood fire raku kiln do you take the pieces out and put them in a barrel of sawdust or leave them in the kiln til they cool? I have been firing Raku since 1995 but I've never been around a wood fire raku kiln. Love your blog and work! I'll keep checking. My blog is

Anonymous said...

How thick was your flywheel and wheel head? And how much did they weigh? I am thinking of making my own Korean style kick wheel. Yours looks fantastic, i wish i had access to a router.

Lee Love said...

Jeff, did you get a shaft made for your wheel?


Anonymous said...

I came across your blog while making my own koren kick wheel. I must say yours looks much better then mine. I was wondering what you are going to use to make your wheel spin?

Adam Field said...

Beautiful wheel! If anyone is interested, I have CAD plans for an Onggi wheel made from common hardware materials (except for the metal hardware), I'm happy to share, just shoot me an e-mail (available through my website via my blog).