Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A Successful Barrel Firing

Last Saturday I had a very successful barrel firing, or at least one that I was very happy about. This is one of the hand constructed vases that I fired. All the pots had the exact same colors, the red, the pink, black and white, but had different flame pattern markings. Two of the vases I fired did break which isn't that uncommon. I do pile about two hundred pounds of wood on top of the pots.
I really like these hand constructed vases. I've got to get some more clay and start cranking these forms out. I plan on raku-firing a couple that I didn't put in the barrel last Saturday. I have one barrel fired vase that didn't have the markings I was happy with so I plan on refiring it in the raku kiln. I am going to glaze it with a clear crackle glaze. I'm interested to see if the red will stay on the pot. I'm sure the blacks will burn out but I just want to see what happens.
I also learned some new tricks with this last firing and will reveal them after my next firing.


Linda Starr said...

Hi Jeff, that's a great pot. I am anxious to hear about your new tricks and technique for barrel firing. I can only barrel fire in winter here in California, but it sure is fun. My last firing I got some good results too. I have used avocado and eucalyptus wood and half straw and half sawdust. Next time I want to make a cover for my barrel to try and get a little reduction going, we shall see. How did you tall bottle fare?

Jeffrey R. Guin said...

I'm happy to say that the tall bottle came out just as nice. I'll have to clean it up and take a photo to share.