Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Barrel Kiln

Another barrel firing, long over due. This barrel is at my friends Jeri and Kerry's house just outside of Coon Valley. They live up on a ridge and it tends to be windy every time I want to fire.

Last Sunday was a perfect day, 75 degrees, sunny, and no wind.

I arrived at their house about one in the afternoon and once the pots and wood were loaded into the barrel, the fire was lit about 2pm.

At 5pm about 1/3 of the wood had been consumed and I filled it back up to the top of the barrel with more split hardwood, same kind of wood that can be seen in this photo.

At this point there is nothing more to do except crack a cold beer,or two, watch the fire, and wait till the next day when the fire has died out and the pots have cooled off.

Stay tuned for the results.