Wednesday, August 01, 2007

What Have I been Doing?

I haven't been throwing any pots but I did finish burnishing my last set of pots. I even taught my friend John how to burnish. He did a great job. Now we just have to bisque fire them and then we're ready for another barrel firing.

I've also put all my raku glaze recipes into a data base which I'll be putting to a PDF file. I have 225 raku glaze recipes.

In addition to my raku glazes I've also been entering my cone 10 glaze recipes that I've collected over the past ten years. So far I've entered 120 glazes. I can't imagine how many I actually have. Wouldn't suprise me if I have over 1,000.

Upcoming Stoneware Projects: salad bowls for Mom, soup bowls for Brother, Yarn Bowl for Emily, Dog Dishes for Jennifer and Jerri, Mugs for LynZee and Alex, Bloody Mary Tumblers for Curtis, and lots and lots of Shino ware.