Friday, July 14, 2006

Raku Wood Firing

Raku Wood Firing--The First Step

Yesterday I took the first steps in preparing for another Raku Wood Firing--gathering the wood. Fortunately I have a few sources for wooden pallets. They're free and all I have to do is go get 'em, saw the planks off them, and split them into small pieces. Sounds like a lot of work--scratch that! It is a lot of work and with the gasoline prices at 3 bucks a gallon I wouldn't be doing it except I can pick the pallets up on my way home from work.

A bright spot in the day--Yesterday I managed to hook-up with another potter who is creating a links list of fellow blogging potters. Her name is Mary Anne Davis and her blog can be found on my list of links. She also has a wonderful web site full of beautiful modern ceramic table art. Go see her pottery, fantastic stuff. Better get going. I've got wood to split.

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