Friday, June 16, 2006

Wood Fired Raku Kiln

I scrounged all my materials for this kiln.

I didn't have access or the money to buy a bunch of insulated soft brick so I used hard fire brick for my kiln, about 50 full and 10 split brick. The bricks are very loosely stacked and the fire box and firing chamber are one in the same.

I used an old refrigerator grate in the fire box to hold the wood, and the kiln lid is a scrap piece of hard fiber board that was given to me by a local furnace repair business.

The wood is from shipping pallettes that I get for free. I just have to pick them up and saw them up with a skill saw. I then split the wood into small pieces.

It takes approximately 3 pallettes and a couple hours to fire the kiln. I haven't yet fired another batch after the first initial firing but imagine subsequent firings would take about a half hour.


peacefulpottery said...

What was the outcome of the pots from the firing. I'm curious to do this myself. I haven't seen any pots that come out of this type of raku firing.

Do you think the kiln could be made out of old rings from an electric kiln.. Just trying to use what i've got myself.

Jeffrey R. Guin said...

The results were really nice. The glazes I used were the standard gas fired raku glazes and they turned out completely different and just as wonderful. I haven't tried building the kiln with what you had in mind, not yet anyway. But I didn't use many brick and I have read that you can build this kiln with regular red common brick.