Friday, January 20, 2006

Raku Kiln Building for Dummies

The first step in making a fiber-lined garbage can raku kiln is obtaining a garbage can. I bought a new one at our local hardware store. It is a 31 gallon galvanized garbage can that cost $10.99.
This size can seems like a good choice because it is 26 inches deep on the inside, which makes installing the ceramic fiber a bit more easier.
The only tools needed for the first step is a drill, tin shears, a rounded edged file, and of course safety glasses.
Cut out a 5 inch circle out of a piece of cardboard as a template for the burner port and the flue. Using the template and a magic marker, draw a circle 3 inches above the bottom of the garbage can.
Next, put on your safety glasses and drill a hole on the marked circle. This is a starter hole to get the tin shears into. Tin shears cut through the garbage can really easy. Just cut out your marked circle.
I used the rounded edged file to file down any sharp jagged edges.
This first step took about 15 minutes to complete.


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Ivy G said...

Hi, I found your site from the Tileworld blog. Interesting raku kiln you've got going here, I hope you post the rest of the construction photos too. I have one question: Are you concerned that the galvanized can will put out toxic zinc fumes during the firing? I have heard that from someone on Clayarts but don't know if its true.

Anonymous said...

Hi...thanks for documenting this project. great photos. How are the firings going? I am making an almost identical kiln but with a 20 gal trash liner. I believe Frank colsons rocky raku is only 10 gal. your finished pieces...great work! Jim from Sedona, Az.

Linda Starr said...

You don't seem to have comments on your blog any longer, but I thought I would post to this old one to see if you get it. Thanks for the info on wood fire and raku kilns you are building. I hope to try some of this in the winter. You can see my blog at