Saturday, September 10, 2005


I like Clay!
It is an addiction, an artistic medium, that allows me the freedom to explore creative energies and urges within me. It allows me the the freedom to be spontaneous and make fun toylike sculptural teapots, such as "Tug-N'-Tea," (see blog archives).
I can also take that same ball of clay and make a set of coffee mugs or a set of bowls. Furthermore, clay opens my eyes to different aesthetics when it comes to beauty, form and function. There was a time I would never have thought the shino glazed tea bowl above was beautiful. In fact, I think it is downright gorgeous! I love the imperfection of the form, the soft appearance of the pinholed glaze. And, it feels sooooo good to hold and drink from.
I can use different clays, I can use different glazes, I can go in different directions and do anything I want on any given day, just with a ball of clay.
Finally, clay allows me the flexibility to create my own unique interpretations of everyday items, functual and non-functual, in the world around me.
Am I a potter? Am I an artist? Am I a craftsman? At the moment I do not debate those questions. I just like clay.


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